We are delighted to inform you that our school has won a grant for our Erasmus+ KA1 project issued in 2019 that gives great opportunity to seven teachers of our institute to take part in different courses abroad that match with their majors and responsibilities. The main targets of the courses are refreshing the bilingual programme professionally and methodologically as well as improving our language competences. These trainings include job-shadowing while teachers from all around Europe have the chance to gain valuable experience and exchange good practises from each other. Also, the participantscan  experience the culture and the education system of the UK and the target country.

This professional training facility involves English teachers in both junior and senior sections as well as teachers teaching certain subjects in English (ICT, Geography, Art). One of our teachers dealing with drama is going to participate in a drama pedagogy training. The leader of our English department is taking part in a project writing course for leaders.

Each course takes place in different countries (The United Kingdom, Malta, Spain and Italy) at different times.

During these courses there is a huge emphasis on the methodology of motivation, giving opportunity to exchange good practises and to use and experience new methods on lessons.

Moreover, our colleagues can meet the benefits of being in a culturally diverse environment that enables them to improve their multicultural competences. Participants may make friends and valuable connections that can give a foundation to a future cooperation between schools. We hope that these international courses will become important milestones in the lifelong learning path of the career of our colleagues.